Dizzy and disorientated.

Today life is like a humming spinning top that has  become unbalanced. It no longer spins, putting all its energy in trying to stay upright. The forces that surround the spinning top, say STOP.
Its coloured blur and constant hum have slowed down and will eventually fall over. The brightly coloured pictures that adorn its sides are starting to become clear.
As our blurred world slows, we find ourselves uncomfortably falling onto our sides. Dizzy and disorientated we have stopped spinning . We become aware of silence. Void of the absent non stop hum.
It’s almost as if the world has become united in the inevitable decision to stop.
The normal patterns of life have dissolved into the pain and grief that surrounds many of us.
The days of the week become blurred, time is set by the raising and setting of the sun. Lunch time is when we are hungry.
Life is different, dislodged but it’s still happening. It’s still Holy Week.
Over 2,000 years ago this week also held a dark chaos .
The week when Jesus died on the cross for us. The week when the world went dark because of Jesus’s sacrifice for us. This week they buried Jesus and the world lost hope.
We know that on the third day he rose again. We know the rest of the story.
We know that in today’s chaos it’s this story that gives us hope.
And Just like over 2,000 years ago, God is still in control . God feels our pain and knows what lies ahead of us.
We don’t have to sacrifice Easter because of Covid 19. Easter will happen simply because it has already happened. The sacrifice has already been made.

On Easter Sunday I will be out of bed before sunrise. Standing alone in the silence  I will witness the dawning of a new day.
Before leaving for home  I will shout out “Alleluia he is risen”.
Through the lopsided stillness of the silence that surrounds me ‘ he has risen indeed ‘ will be echoed back to me.


Luke 23:44-47 Good News Translation (GNT)
The Death of Jesus
44-45 It was about twelve o’clock when the sun stopped shining and darkness covered the whole country until three o’clock; and the curtain hanging in the Temple was torn in two. 46 Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Father! In your hands I place my spirit!” He said this and died.

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